Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Day 3 of McDougall

Yep, doing McDougall, or at least trying to. Hubby's finishing up the few deli meats we have left in the freezer and he said he's willing to at least go vegetarian for lunch. So I went online and found a bunch of recipe ideas. I made a document, listing them, and then got it laminated. He's supposed to look through it on his days off, choose what he wants, and then I know what to buy/make for him. The big thing is he doesn't eat leftovers for lunch. He just wants sandwiches, and not roll-ups or anything like that, just sandwiches. *sigh*

I did cheat a bit last night, used a prepared Organic pasta sauce (Prego) since I have a few bottles instead of making my own from the recipe. I also added a half of a "log" of veggie sausage from Twin Oaks (Thanks to Chris and Darlene's "Eat air" vegan blog ) [<--first link there!!!]. It's made up the road from me basically, about 10 miles or so. I also found some of the chorizo at Good Foods, and I already pick up their tofu either at GF or at the Goochland Farmer's Market on Saturday. I need to email them sometime to find out if I can pick it up there instead of driving into Richmond. I'm thinking of buying it by the case (it's more for hubby than for me) and freezing it. I hope it freezes ok. I don't see why it wouldn't. I already occasionally freeze tofu, so I know that's ok. It just changes the texture a bit.

I've got a few of the McDougall books thanks to Paperbackswap.com. I want to get the Quick and Easy and the New McDougall Cookbook, but it looks like I'm going to have to order them. I can't even get them through Louisa OR Goochland's library. :( I'd also like to get some of the older cookbooks, but I'll have to get hubs paypal info for that. I wish the sellers were all the same people instead of different people. I like McDougall's recipes better than Ornish's only because they are more "real people" type. The Ornish's are good, but you can tell they are designed by chefs. Now, as an ex "chef" it's great. I just means a bit more work than I want to do at this point to eat. And although a lot of the recipes seem to be involved, it's more of the prepping (chopping and sauteing and stuff) than actual cooking. The titles are just fancier (they usually list all the ingredients *grin*).

OK, off to the hosptial to get a copy of my pre-op bloodwork to see where I'm starting from.

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