Saturday, December 06, 2008

Just stuff and link to more T-day recipes and pics.

Well, I am going to guess that hubby and I have missed whatever BiL had, but MiL isn't so lucky. But then again, they were at her place from Thursday thru Sunday so she had a better chance to catch it. I do wonder if hubby and I have been fighting it though, for a day or so hubby's throat was a bit sore, and I've been way more tired than usual (as he said he's been but not as much). And we've both been a bit congested (with me having allergies it's hard to tell what's allergy and not unless it's full blown). It doesn't really matter in the long run though, we're doing ok really. I'm on my second mug of hot tea this morning, and I do mean mug. I'm using my Richmond October Fest stein and it holds, according to the imprint, 0.5 L. I imagine I will become one with the bathroom today. :) First mug was Tazo Earl Grey (bagged), it was my first time trying it. Can't say that I liked it. I had bought a sampler box of their teas and this was from that. Even the smell when I opened the package that the bag was in put me off. It tasted ok, but the smell just turned me off. It just smelled like a burned bitter white pith of a rotten orange. I should have just gone with my normal Republic of Tea Double Earl Grey. :( Luckily I've only got one other tea bag sample of that one. And at least it tasted ok - maybe I should save it for when I can't smell. :) Right now I'm drinking a Stash Breakfast tea. It's no Barry's or PG's but it's decent. I like Stash's teas, especially since I can get them in the grocery store. I've got different layers of teas I guess you'd say - some are just drinking teas - ones that are just to drink where I just want something to drink or make iced tea with. Then there's the ones that hubby and I like to make at night in a pot

SiL has posted the recipes that she used when she cooked as well as some pictures here on her blog.

Last night's Hawaiian pizza was really good, I'll have to make it more often. Nothing too special about it really: I'm still using up the canned spicy spaghetti sauce (I think it was Del Monte but I can't remember now), low fat mozzarella cheese, pineapple tidbits (I need to drain them a bit better or put them on paper towels next time) and some diced ham (next time I need to either buy thinner slices or dice it finer it was a bit too chunky but it still worked). I was thinking prosciutto might even be good with it too. I actually ate 4 slices last night! I am usually fine after 2, but I was still hungry (I've gotten really good at listening to my body thanks to the Byetta) and since I didn't eat much for lunch I guess I was still hungry. Hubby and I also had a glass of wine, and it wasn't too much later that we both fell asleep. I guess we can't handle alcohol anymore since we really don't drink it that much. Boy, do we know how to party or what?

Miko wasn't too happy with me yesterday. I gave her a bath. She really needed one, she was really smelling doggy and it's time for her to get another application of flea meds (we haven't had a week of freezing temps yet that are needed to kill ticks and fleas). She was laying in the sun and I even turned up the heat in the house a bit, so I thought she'd be warm enough, but when I went to check on her she was shivering. :( I went to grab one of Percy's coats and put it on her. Luckily her mom before me used to dress her up so she didn't mind it too bad. I also put her on the couch under a blanket and it wasn't too long before I heard snores. She was under there for a good long while. She still wasn't totally dry (she's got a thick double coat), but it was better. I can't use a hair dryer on her because she hates the motor. After dinner she was finally dry and hubby brushed her out. She was luuuuuving daddy. :) I guess I learned one good thing while working at a Vets - how to bathe dogs. *sigh*

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