Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Living with Quakers

We are alive here at Chez JJ. We are also eating. I am hoping to get back to menu and recipe posting after the new year. Hubby's work schedule has changed so he's working some days until 7:30 or 9:00 pm (he starts at 9 am with his normal end time of 6 pm). This has made dinners a bit more challenging since I usually tried to have them ready for him when he walked in the door, now I'm usually asleep when he walks in the door. :( We aren't sure how long the overtime will continue, but we aren't complaining.

Since Ralph the Quaker has joined the family (and when I was bird sitting 3 cockatiels for a friend) we've learned these essential rules (I didn't write them and I don't know who did):

Parrot Rules: It is MINE!

If I like it, it's MINE!
If I can reach it, it's MINE!
If I have it in my beak, it's MINE!
If I can take it away from you, it's MINE!
If I had it a while ago, it's MINE!
If I destroyed it, all the pieces are MINE!
If it looks as if it was mine, it's MINE!
If I saw it first, it's mine!
If you have it and put it down, it's automatically MINE!
If it is YOURS, and you think it's good, than give it immediately to me, because then it's MINE!

At the moment I've also got Cricket (another Quaker) here. I'm hoping that he'll (she'll??) help me to get Ralph into the bird room. You see, Ralph has taken to hubby totally. John is "HIS" and he only likes me now if I have food. Any other time he attacks me. The way he is I won't be able to go into the bird room at all, so Ralph spends his time in his cage in the living room or if I let him out, I spend my time holed up in the bird room. I am hoping that at least with another Quaker I can move Ralph back and remove the focus away from me a bit (or buy a pith helmet). :)

I will say that the week of Thanksgiving I made Ellie Krieger recipes (and I've picked up her new cookbook So Easy) and they were all really good! I'll have to use some of her recipes more often!

I hope to update soon!

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