Monday, May 14, 2007

My Lunch Today

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I was hoping to make a CousCous salad from the new issue of Vegetarian Times this weekend, but didn't get the chance. Today as I was trying to figure out what I felt like eating, I thought again of that couscous salad - but wanted a bit different flavor. This is what I ended up with. I must admit, I do know know if it's vegan or even vegetarian. Why? Well the seasoning packet I had came from Near East's Mediterranean curry Couscous and I used the couscous, stored the spice packet and threw away the box so I don't remember if it had something like chicken broth or fat or anything. Anyway, I cooked up 10 oz of couscous (whole-wheat), added the packet and let it sit while I prepped the veggies. I had roasted some asparagus earlier this morning since it was cool and had some spears just for this. I also added sliced radishes, sauteed their tops and added those, sliced green onions, diced cucumber, drained chickpeas and diced carrots. I forgot to add the diced tomato - but there's plenty left so I'll add it to the leftovers. I also added some homemade mustard-lemon based vinaigrette and some Liquid Gold (recipe from Becoming Vegan that has flax oil, nutritional yeast, and cumin along with other stuff). It's quite yummy!

I figured out how to post my photos to Blogger all by myself. :) Hubby had set it up for LJ (where I do most of my posting) but I wanted Blogger to be more about what I ate and not my life.

I have some tempeh bacon I need to use up (I cooked it all in one go) and I am tired of TLT's. I'm still trying to figure out what to use it in. I think tonight's going to be an asparagus tart. (Not vegan - but veggie) since I have some Feta I need to use. I need to figure out where Sunergia's (sp?) feta is sold. It's not at Good Foods, and Ellwood Thompson's and any of the HFSs in C'ville are about the same distance away. I don't often head to C'ville only because it's easier to hit the West End of Richmond than there (I pretty much live right in the middle of both). I don't head into (or close to) downtown Richmond at any point. And with gas being so high (We actually saw it at 3.29 at one place last night in Richmond), around 2.79-2.89 a gallon here I can't just go traipsing off for the heck of it. Oh well, I'll hopefully find it soon. I know I like it after trying it at the C'ville Veg Fest Last year.

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