Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Menu Changes?

Ok, so the menu might change a bit this week - we'll see. I had a root canal done today on my tooth. Needless to say, I don't feel like chewing anything - so dinner tonight for me is Tomato Soup. We'll see how I feel tomorrow - at the moment, at least the pain isn't any worse than it was before I had the root canal done. It's one of the teeth near the front of my mouth (#13) so most food seems to move there whether I want it to or not. On the upside, within a few days it should go back to feeling nothing. He said that once he drilled through the filling and into the root that it didn't bleed - so it was basically dead - so it's a good thing I chose to go ahead and do the root canal today instead of waiting a few more days. I'm frankly just glad that he could work me in and do it today. When the hygienist tapped the tooth to check, I practically jumped out of the seat. She actually told me to make sure I told him not to do that, and that she would make sure to tell him the same thing.

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