Thursday, July 30, 2009

We really are alive around here, I swear!

I know that I haven't written in ages (has it really been over a month??), and for that I'm sorry. I'm getting used to working and managing my time I guess. Getting back to being a "normal person" I guess you could say. :) I've gone from volunteering one day a week to three. And this week I've volunteered Saturday, Monday, Tues, Wed and Thurs. Add to it that it's finally starting to feel like July with the humidity most of this week and I've been a bit beat. We are still eating around here. I've been alternating between quick meals (spaghetti with saucefromajar [as one of my blog friends calls it] and Saving Dinner [books, Menu Mailers and Freezer Supplies - I recommend them all, I often use "It's Leanne's." when hubby asks and he knows exactly who I mean].

Tomorrow I'm going to go through my SD (Saving Dinner) stuff and figure out what we're going to be having. We've had to put out $1,500 for our cars this month for them to pass inspection (both of them were due this month) and we've got our car insurance due at the beginning of Aug (which starts tomorrow I think!!). I went to FoodLion today to pick up a few things (including hot dogs and fish sticks incase things get REALLY screwy next week), vegetables (for sides and salads), frozen raw shrimp and lunch stuff for hubby. I have chicken thighs, a whole chicken, frozen mixed seafood and cuts of beef in the freezer along with pasta and beans in the pantry. I'm sure I can come up with meals, just got to figure out what they'll be. :)

The decluttering is moving along. Both John and I are doing pretty good, although actually being home helps (we've been gone a few weekends) and both of us have been busy so sometimes we are both exhausted at night and don't get much done but dishes and clothes. I have a whole bunch of fabric that I need to figure out what to do with. I know I can do freecycle thing, but I'd like to give it to someone that can use it for something good. I've also got a bunch of patterns that I'm not sure what to do with. I'm hoping to never be able to fit into them again, so there's no reason to keep them.

So far I'm off tomorrow, although I have offered my services to Matt since he's not feeling so hot (it seems like he's caught what I think of as con-crud from the thing he went to this weekend). He probably won't take me up on the offer, but it's ok if he does. Anyway, I'm going to relax for a bit and then head to bed.

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