Monday, August 03, 2009

Snakes in a Car!

Well, I did end up volunteering at Project Perry on Friday, and got to meet some new folks in the process. That's always a nice thing, meeting other volunteers. We got the new half sunshade hung up on the African Grey Aviary and Matt said that it drops the temp in there by about 5-10 degrees or so. That is a big help, especially since a lot of it was reflected heat. Matt found another black snake in the Grey Aviary, and we once more threw it into a kitchen trash bag and I headed home with it, except this time I looked down while driving home to find it looking back at me from between my feet. I will admit that I was cursing Matt for not closing the bag's top very tightly, but somehow either there was a small hole in the bottom (middle of the bottom) that the snake widened or it made it itself. It crawled around behind my seat and I saw it again on the passenger's side floor exploring my backpack (I will admit that I let out another high pitched squeak when I saw it). I was speeding, hoping that there would be a police officer like there sometimes is along my path home, but no luck. I was hoping that the place where I get my car fixed was still open, and they were. They weren't real happy to help get a snake out, am I'm sure the fact that I was the one that actually put it in there in the first place didn't help matters. But they did help me get it out, and they threw it in a box and took it elsewhere on their property. I offered to bake them whatever cookies they wanted and was politely declined. I still want to make them something but not sure what. When I got home I told Matt that I wasn't sure I would be moving snakes anymore.

I also ended up going in on Sunday too, since he didn't have anyone else to help him. I told Matt he had to double my pay, but double nothing still isn't much. ;) I'm glad that I'm close enough to help and didn't have anything else planned this weekend. I got the chance to clean the top of Murphy's cage AND scrub the sunroom's floor. At least I got to spend some quality time with Ralph, and entertain Cricket while cleaning the floor too. :) We got a few new Quakers in, but I didn't meet them since I worked in the sunroom. The person that dropped them off has had a few unexplained deaths and we don't want to introduce anything into our healthy ones yet. I was exhausted when I got home and slept for a few hours. Hubby mowed most of the lawn (it rained for a few hours here, but not at Proj. P), and got Papa John's for dinner.

The big thing that's been going on this weekend is that Miko's not doing very well. She's got a doc appointment this afternoon to find out what's going on. She's been pacing around at night, so much so that she doesn't sleep with us anymore. :( She's also started to go stand in corners. Her tail isn't up a lot of times and she's also panting a lot more, even if it's not that warm. It's not really looking like a good thing, I'm hoping that it's something simple and not as bad as I know that it could be.

All this to say, I hope to find the time to make a menu plan today- but we'll see how it turns out. I may just have to go day to day instead. I do know enough to at least have an idea of a dinner (I have a small paperback of Saving Dinner in the side pocket of my car incase I need it).

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