Friday, March 24, 2006

The Kapha Diet

Here is a sample of foods recommended for Kapha types. Eat mainly from the "Often" and "In Moderation" lists and only infrequently or on special occasions from the "Seldom" list. Kapha types tend to crave rich-tasting, sweet, and processed foods devoid of prana; consequently, they must adopt a diet that is light, warm, dry, and spicy. Oily, heavy, dense, and cold foods should be avoided. Use this list as a convenient shopping list to assist you in shopping intelligently at your local supermarket and natural food stores.


Often In Moderation Seldom
Apples Oranges Bananas
Pears Pineapple Dates
Pomegranates Cantaloupe Avocado
Cranberries Plums Raisins
Persimmons Strawberries Honeydew Melon

Often In Moderation Seldom
Green Peppers Beets Tomatoes
Lettuce Potatoes Squash (all)
Onions Pumpkin Corn
Lima Beans Mushrooms Sweet Potatoes
Carrots Cucumbers

Often In Moderation Seldom
Barley Basmati rice Wheat
Millet Brown rice Semolina
Rye Oats White rice
Buckwheat Corn
Arrowroot Wild rice

Nuts & Seeds
Often In Moderation Seldom
None Alfalfa seeds Brazil nuts
Chestnuts Cashews
Sesame seeds Peanuts
Almonds Pecans
Pine nuts Sunflower seeds

Fats & Oils
Often In Moderation Seldom
None Flaxseed oil Butter
Olive oil Olives
Sesame oil Coconut oil
(all unrefined) Soybean oil
Ghee Mayonnaise

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