Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I've been having trouble logging into blogger lately, not sure if it's on my end (we're dial-up) or theirs. Anyway...

Made Mattar Keema the other night. Instead of beef I used some seitan I had made. I don't think I let it mix enough and it was crumbly looking. It stuck together so I went ahead and threw it in the crockpot and hoped for the best. It came out still looking like hamburger I divided them up and threw them in the freezer, keeping one bag out to try. This looked disturbingly close to the real stuff. I thought it was ok (a bit too wheaty tasting) but hubby liked it. We've liked it better with Morningstar crumbles and next time I might try using lentils.

My sleep schedule is screwed up. I couldn't sleep the other night, so I made PPK's tempeh bacon. So far I've had a few pieces these past two mornings (afternoons) and it's quite good. I need to get a good tomato and make a TLT.

Next on the list... I've been eyeing Greek Basmati Rice and Lemon-Herb Tofu from Vive Le Vegan!

Last night was FFY (Fend For Yourself) although hubs commented that it was more like IMYAPOL (I'm Making You a Plate of Leftovers) *grin* It was good. I had: Chickpea and Tomato Stew, Channa Masala, Mattar Keema, a blob of garlic hummus, and some whole wheat pita bread. Yummers! Today I don't feel real great, I think it's because of my sleep schedule. So I told hubs he could get what he wanted while in town (He has some McD's gift certificates burning a hole in his pocket *shudder*) and I'll just nosh on the leftovers (there's quite a lot and I don't have room in the freezers yet to put some there).

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