Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ok...so I'm back from having the left lobe of my liver removed. And the biospy showed that my liver is 90% fat. :( The doctor said it was the fattiest liver he had seen in all his years. I told him that I didn't eat a lot of fatty stuff. He told me it was probably due a lot to my diabetes. The extra carbs and calories that I eat automatically got stored in the liver. This could lead to cirrhosis (sp) of the liver, and a possible liver transplant down the road.

I also can now have no alcohol. I don't drink a lot, but will ocassionally have some wine, beer or a mixed drink.

The doctor also told me to go on a vegetarian diet, and specifically mentioned Dr. Ornish. *gulp* Now I have to admit, I eat veggie sometimes, and love the recipes I've tried...but being told I would die very early if I don't do it is quite sobering. I don't react well to change, much less such a big one. I'm trying not to be scared out of my wits. The big thing is I don't do so well with cooking off the cuff for veggie meals yet. Now some I can, like spaghetti and stuff, but other types I can't. I'm so used to just looking in the fridge and coming up with something that tastes great, and I'm scared my mojo will be leaving when I try. Also this very low-fat thing....that's also going to impact the wonderfulness of foods. I just feel so overwhelmed and scared and not sure where to start first.

I am lucky in the fact that the doctor didn't tell me to "become a vegetarian marathon runner" as someone said their doctor told them on a blog I read. The doctor mentioned I should get some vegetarian cookbooks, and I just kinda smirked. Last night hubby and I figured I have at least 100-150 of them. I did pick up 3 today: Dr. Ornish's "Eat More, Weigh Less" and "Everyday Cooking" along with Joanna Lund's "Cooking Healthy with Soy." We'll see what happens... I am actually thinking about learning what I need to do to become a nutritionist.

I can do this...I HAVE to do this, but I can do this well.

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