Monday, June 30, 2008

Breakfast this morning:

originally uploaded by dibranchia.
Kashi Go Lean with these. From vines in my yard. We are lucky to have these all over our yard, but I can't pick a lot of them since most of them also have poison ivy nearby. I'm already covered with it thanks to Miss Miko (aka Poison Ivy Butt) and I can't take anything thanks to my liver problems. I spent my growing up years covered in poison ivy thanks to playing in the woods too- so I already know that I'm horribly allergic to it, and know that not much works with me. I just try my best to keep it to a dull roar. [As a side note, while working as a Vet Tech I used to get it between my boobs all the time while holding dogs because I'd get fur down there thanks to the scrub tops V-necks and my bra would keep the fur there all day.] Anyway it doesn't bother me one bit since the squirrels and birds love them too. I don't mind sharing. As it is, we didn't get any cherries this year, they were pretty small and I think they ripened during my surgery.

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