Monday, November 03, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

I know, I didn't get back to post the recipes from last week. Sorry. They weren't bad, not great. The big thing - we like a lot more spices, and ONIONS. That's the big thing I would change with the recipes from last week, add more spices and some onions. But they were tasty. Hubby really liked the Mango Chicken thing, and I really liked the Turkey Ragout, especially after adding some black olives and capers to it.

Last week was pretty much as bad as I thought it would be after we euthanized Percy. We are doing better here, though. I must admit, I didn't eat really well the first few day - because of that I hit my 10% at WW. But after that, I started eating, well, overeating, so I'm up a bit. Not too horribly. Mainly because I just stopped caring I guess. I stopped planning the rest of my day, I stopped exercising, and stopped even caring what I was eating. We still ate what I had planned for dinner, but that was pretty much it. It's a good thing that with my WW-friendly pantry there's only so much trouble one can get into.

For this week's plan, it was a bit harder. We're a bit lower on money- between the costs for Percy and then our insurance is due, so I'm making more basic stuff. If you what recipes, let me know, but I've given the basic gist of each recipe (the Cooking Light one can be found at their website and I think I've posted it here before too and the manicotti is a cheese one). I'm still figuring out the points on some of these these since it all depends on what I use brand-wise and the grocery store was out of some things when I went today. *sigh*

For over 300 more menu ideas visit: I'm an Organizing Junkie

Menu Plan for the Week:

Monday: Grilled Chicken with Sriracha Glaze 7 pts (Cooking Light recipe - I had the glaze already in the fridge ready to go and the chicken in the freezer from the last sale) I'm serving it with steamed rice and sauteed veggies.

Tuesday: Crispy Baked Chicken (cornflake crusted oven baked chicken) with oven fries, and salad

Wednesday: Manicotti with salad, fruit and bread

Thursday: Hamburger Ole (ground beef, boxed mac & cheese and salsa), peas and Apple slices with honey

Friday: Homemade pizza (11 pts for 2 pcs)

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