Wednesday, January 07, 2009

All day in the city

Yep, got to spend most of my day all day yesterday in Richmond. I knew it was going to happen, and actually it was supposed to happen two weeks ago but go rescheduled due to a family emergency with one of my psych docs. So, today ended up being the day. I try to schedule most of my appointments on the same day so I don't have drive so many times into town, and although it makes for a long day it saves gas and it does save me a bit of my sanity (what little bit I have *haha*)

I must admit I started out the day with a bit of "The wearin' O' the Crankypants" because of the stress of having to drive into the West End (and Nuckols Rd) for my 9:20 AM appointment. I hate to drive, and I really hate to drive during rush hour. It didn't help that on Monday morning they were calling for up to 0.25 inches of ice, but luckily by that evening they were just calling for rain. WHEW! I ended up leaving early enough that I missed the beginning of the backups for the I64/I288, I64/I295 and I295/Nuckols Rd exit backups. The Nuckols Rd one was just starting actually as I got off that one.

My first appointment this morning was with the psychiatrist and I mentioned that it seems I'm getting a bit more anxious, so we're going to be transitioning me off the Wellbutrin and transitioning me onto Zoloft. I remembered being on Zoloft years ago, and I think it worked well (I do know it worked better than the Prozac that was prescribed by the counselors at Tech). We'll see.

After that appointment, I had a few hours to kill, so I headed to the nearest library and borrowed their Wi-fi. Hubby had put the Nintendo DS's Opera browser on it and I hadn't played with it yet (home dial-up is a bit frustrating for it), and I figured out how to connect and everything all by myself. Yay! I also checked out their magazine collection and read through a Food & Wine, but didn't really find anything that caught my eye.

After that I headed to my WW meeting, found out I gained 0.6 lbs. That's ok though. I had already prepared myself for a gain for these two weeks. I know that sounds odd, but for the two weeks of Christmas and New Years I write what I eat, but don't always point it. It keeps what I'm eating in my mind, but doesn't stress me out. Once I start the next meeting after that, I'm back on plan. So the total gain for those two weeks is less than the loss for the week before. :) Something that isn't talked about anymore it seems at the meetings, but something that my Leader mentioned: "Have a plan to either lose, maintain or gain. And any one of those is ok. Just as long as you have a plan for what to do for after the holidays too." It seems now that WW only focus on the first two. Maybe too many people took the gain too far? I don't know. Either way, as long as I plan for it and don't go too overboard, I'm really ok with it. I find that I'm a lot less stressed about the Holidays this way. Course, as my Leader also likes to say: "It's not the days between Christmas and New Years that got you fat, it's the days between New Years and Christmas."

After WW I headed to Target. I had to pick up a few things there, and for the first time I got my prescriptions filled there. I normally go to CVS, but since these prescriptions don't have refills, and we have insurance (so would be the same price) and the Target is on the way to my psychologist appointment and CVS wasn't (and the stuff I needed is cheaper at Target and not at CVS) I figured I'd just go there. It's odd going someplace else since I know it's better to keep your prescriptions at one place, I felt like I was cheating. While there I found out that Taste of Home has a new Comfort Food Diet Magazine out. I picked up one last year, and really liked the recipes in it. It's pretty much recipes from what used to be Light & Tasty but I think they've changed the name to Healthy Cooking. Anyway, their diet is calorie counting, but the recipes have the nutritional info.

After that, headed home. WHEW!

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