Friday, January 02, 2009

Nothing to see here, move along...

Yeah, pretty boring day, all things considered.

I had posted a few books to before New Years and most of them were actually requested. I ran out of mailing tape as I was fixing the mailing label on the last one, so before I could actually mail them all out (9 of them), I had to get more mailing tape. I headed into town. It had just started to spit a bit of snow, and I noticed that although it wasn't really sticking, there were a few spots on the road that it was.

I also realized last night that I had forgotten to get a new linen calendar. I grew up with my mom using them to cover her electric box (can't think of the proper name right now, when the fuse blows, you have to flip the switch back), until she cross-stitched a Pat Moss picture and framed it and mounted it on a swing-hinge with a magnet on the other side. Anyway, it's not the perfect cover, since it doesn't totally cover it and you know it's there- but it works. And I get a new kitchen towel at the end of the year out of it. Plus it's something that reminds me of my childhood everytime I see it. I'm lucky that I can still find them I guess too, Ben Franklin Crafts still sells them. Staples is in the same shopping center as Ben Franklin's. I would have thought they would be on sale, but no luck. Course watch them go on sale today - I'm not sure when their sales run, but I think they start on Saturdays. Either way at least they aren't expensive - $5.99.

When I finished at Ben Franklin's and Staples it was snowing pretty nice flakes, and once more, they weren't sticking. I taped the mailing label on the package and figured that while I was in town I would stop by Whole Foods really quickly and check out their sausages. Fridays are usually pizza night at Chez JJ and I didn't really have a plan as to what kind of pizza we were having yet. I must admit, nothing really grabbed me. Not that WF didn't have anything yummy - I just didn't see anything that I really wanted. I had bought a bunch of different cheeses and I think that I was pretty much ok with that and some onions and didn't see anything that swayed me from that. Although I did see some British-style banger sausages that we'll have to try sometime. By the time I go out of WF, it was more snow/freezing rain mixture.

I headed back towards home and to the post office. I stopped at the closest one, Oilville, and the window didn't open until 11:30, so I headed to my normal one - Gum Springs. By that time the freezing rain had changed over to regular rain. By the time I got home it was just lightly sprinkling, and the sun was out not soon afterwards. So much for winter so far. It's cold and that's about it, but at least I didn't have to worry about driving in horrible conditions.

We ended up not having pizza after all last night, hubby got home late. We had leftover Hot & Sour Soup. Depending on what happens, we're either having it tonight or Shepherd's Pie, we'll have to see. Not a big deal either way.

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