Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cheaper way of talking to my sister?

On one of the first times my sister went out on a date with her now husband, he likes to mention, she farted so loudly that it shook the couch. That was one thing my sister has always had no problem with, farting or burping. I was, on the other hand, always kidded because no one ever heard it even though I would say "excuse me." And growing up we blamed a lot of these things, whether burps or farts on the dog.

A few weeks ago, my husband burped pretty loudly and I turned around to scold him. He faced me and instead of blaming it on the dog like he's now learned to do, he returned, "What? I was just talking to your sister."

We've got a new phrase not only in our house now, but my sister liked it when we told her too.

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