Monday, May 12, 2008

I'm aaaaalive!

Yes, it's true, I still breathe. ;)

Not much has been going on here at Chez JJ. From the list of meals, I didn't make the Far East Grillers and I've been trying to make Garlic Meatballs & Spaghetti for a few days now. I haven't been feeling so great - headache and tired, and my throat's been hurting me - not sure if it's from allergies or what. I fell asleep Friday evening before hubby got home and he got home really late, so by the time he got home and woke me up I was out of sorts and we just went out to Goochland and ate at Hardees instead. I made a quiche for breakfast on Saturday (ham & broccoli) and we ate leftovers for lunch and hubby put me to bed for a nap at 3 pm, and I slept until 9 pm! He said he tried to wake me up a few times, but I didn't move. So it was leftovers again, and we really didn't have that many in the fridge to begin with - this week was pretty slim since most of the meals I had were packaged just for 2 or we had eaten the leftovers earlier in the week. I had also pulled a few more stuff out of the freezer on Wed to make room for a sale of Sirloin Tip roast (1.97/lb) and 2 loaves of homemade wheat bread:
the ham for the quiche
Ground Beef Gyros (from's freezer menu)
ground turkey
frozen shrimp
and the Garlic meatballs.
Luckily it takes a few days for stuff to thaw in my fridge depending on where I place it. Well, since I didn't want the meat going off before I got around to actually fixing it since I've been behind this weekend I cooked them today. I feel all productive. Course it probably would have been more productive to have done it last night when I couldn't sleep since I had slept all day, but oh well.

So I went ahead and made the meatballs - all I had to do was stuff the meatballs with minced garlic and I baked them. This means I just need to boil the pasta and throw them into sauce to reheat them once hubby tells me he's on his way home from work. I also went ahead and baked the Gyro patties, so all I need to do is make the taziki and reheat the patties and make a side dish. I made herbed turkey burgers with the ground turkey meat (got it for 1.97 since it was short dated) and went ahead and broiled those so once more all I need to do is reheat those and make a side and they're ready to go too. That will use up the rest of the hamburger buns leftover from the Sloppy Joes. And we used the shrimp tonight (from a BOGO sale) - I made a Greekish dish - sauteed garlic, added a can of diced tomatoes and a dash of vermouth- reduced that while the fettucine boiled. When the pasta was almost done added the peeled shrimp (if I had olives I would have added those) and then drained the pasta. Added the pasta and a touch of lemon juice and parsley. I tossed it together and added black pepper and feta cheese. Very tasty. :) So this way if I don't feel good a few of this weeks dinners will be a bit easier.

We did make it to the Goochland Farmer's Market on Saturday. Hubby went with me. I only had $13 with me - so I didn't get much - some pork bratwurst and some beef heart - but that's enough. I didn't want any salad fixings and I didn't need any eggs and I didn't have enough to get any other beef cuts and they chicken person didn't have any chickens this go round. As for the other stuff - didn't really need it and some of it I didn't have the money for. There was a really nice booth with doggie stuff - and we got samples of cheese breadsticks for the guys that they loved - course it's food and they're pugs - that's a given. And there was a booth with a knitter that had some nice stuff. I didn't spend too long there since hubby was with me and he was looking kinda bored. There was a lot of booths and people there, Yay! We won't be able to go next week since we're probably heading up to MD for my niece's college graduation. There was someone there selling loaves of bread - I wanted to buy some to support them, but I just couldn't especially since I had just put two loaves of my own in the freezer. I can't wait until it's a bit further into the growing season and there's more veggies to chose from!

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