Monday, May 05, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

This week we're eating from the Freezer. I'm using up some recipes that I had put in there from Leanne Ely from They are from her freezer recipes so I won't be posting the recipes. I'm clearing out the freezer so I can add some more back in. :) This will leave me about 3 meals in there. For more Menu ideas check out I'm an Organizing Junkie:

I was hoping to hit the Goochland Farmer's Market this weekend, but I wasn't feeling so great. It was the first weekend for it, and it's still a little early for there to be much for veggies, so I didn't miss much. And since my freezer is still pretty full, I wouldn't have room for the chicken and buffalo that were there (one of the other reasons that we are eating the meals out of there this week too).

Yesterday was a pretty bad day, all the ads in the paper for Mother's Day hit me pretty hard. This week is going to be pretty hard I think - and this weekend isn't going to be much better. We were thinking of doing something with MiL but after yesterday, hubby and I have pretty much decided to just do a card and not worry too much about it. We don't think that she'll be able to not say anything, and we also think that we'll be too fragile not to say anything back if she does. It just wouldn't be worth it in the long run. Father's day won't be much better I'm sure since it will be after the surgery. Will it ever get easier?

Country Fried Chicken and Peppers
Polynesian Steak
Apricot Barbecued Chicken Legs
Dad's Favorite Sloppy Joes
Far East Grillers
Garlic Meatballs with Spaghetti

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