Saturday, July 05, 2008

Farmer's Market

This morning I wasn't feeling so great (liver pain - not sure why. I ended up not even eating my bratwurst last night because I filled up on black bean salsa beforehand so I can't even blame it on the sausage) as Miko did her empty stomach heaves before 7:30 am. *sigh* As Miko and I stepped out for our Morning Constitutional (her with a full belly) it started to pour down rain. Lucky the pain changed to a dull roar by 8 and I got my shower and decided to head over to the Goochland Farmer's Market - leaving hubby still in bed and the rain changed to intermittenet drizzle. I hoped the market was still on, and when I got there it still was. There was quite a few people milling about!

I did my normal, a loop around the "exhibits" checking out what everyone had, deciding what I was going to buy. I was hoping someone would have some green tomatoes, but no luck. The tomatoes are just starting to come out though. I stopped by Amy's booth "She Knits" (her blog is ) since for the first time there wasn't a hoard of people around and I got to see her stuff up close. It was really nice. I wish I had some kids that I could give the stuff to, I'd buy something for them. She did have some nice necklaces. I did see two that I liked, but they were pink. And I know this is going to sound silly, but I'm trying to get away from pink, kinda. I know pink is my favorite, and most everything I have is pink - but at some point I really need to buy some new stufff that isn't pink based. I am just not sure what color I want to chose. Hubby would think it should be black I'm sure, but that's the basis of his closet. When I do laundry it's literally divided up into lights (mine) and darks (his). Anyway, I wanted to say something to her, but my shyness got the best of me. I don't know why, I know she doesn't bite. I'm sure she wouldn't think I was some stalker or something. It would be nice to at least have a conversation with someone on this end of town that knits since everyone else I know that knits lives in Richmond. I just hope it doesn't take me until October before I squeak out something like, "Hello" and feel like a total doofus about it and go running off to my car.

I bought:
-carton of chicken eggs -we actually went through almost a dozen eggs this week, that's quite a lot for us.
-I also bought a whole bunch of beets. These are definately the last she told me- she dug them all up. These are without the tops.
-Okra - I am not sure if I'm going to "fry" them or use them in a stew or curry
-red potatoes
-green beans -these will go with the red potatoes and ham for one of my favorite meals.
-blueberries - one of the reasons I got there early was so I could get some. I wanted to buy a lot more than I did, because there's a Jamie Oliver recipe that looks good that calls for 1 lb 6 oz of them - it originally called for fragola grapes but since they are hard to find outside of Italy he said blueberries work well in it. I just bought 1 container - I'll just wait and get some from the grocery store.
-2 Japanese Eggplant
-1 regular Eggplant
-2 yellow squash
-2 rounded yellowish squash -not even sure what it is but we'll see- it reminds me almost like a yellow tomato but it's white with light yellowish stripes
-2 ears of corn
-1 eightball squash
-2 yellow squash with green ends (can't remember the name)

I wanted some more goat cheese, but the people said they would be there late, and I had some other stuff I wanted to do. I had also thought about getting some meats, but we don't really need any this week. So I headed out to do my other stuff: check out the Louisa Farmer's Market. We tried one week but were too late, so I decided since I still had a bit of cash let - unfortunately it was bigger bills- I would do it now. The only thing I don't like about it is that I live smack dab in between both of the Farmer's Markets. Oh well. I could have stopped and dropped off my stuff, but since it's a cool day and I knew that if I stopped I wouldn't want to go out again, I kept going. Louisa's FM is small, only about 7 people or so? But this is also their first year, and I wasn't sure if the weather kept vendors away too. I wasn't really looking for anything in particular, but figured I'd check it out. I actually ended up buying stuff! First thing I saw, green tomatoes!

What I bought:
-4 green tomatoes - Fried green tomatoes! YUM!
-more eggs! This time I got a mixed dozen of quail, turkey and duck. I've never had these so it'll be interesting to try. I'm excited over this because of a recipe I saw in "Cook with Jamie" where you hard boil different types of eggs (he gives times for the eggs), peel them, and top with homemade mayo loosened with extra lemon and a sprinkle of pepper. Serve with watercress, anchovies, bacon and toast. I thought at the time it sounded good, but all I could find were chicken eggs. I can now try it!
-Fresh fried tortillas with a quart of mild and a quart of hot salsa - I was only going to get the mild salsa but as I said I didn't have any small bills and they just had a bunch of people come through (I got there at the same time as a bunch of other people) and they were running low on change) so I bought both to help them out. Hubby likes hot, I like mild.

They also have the FM on Wed, but I haven't made it to that one, since I usually try not to go out unless I have to so I can save gas, and I don't usually have a reason to go to Louisa anyway. As it was, this was kind of a special trip as it was.

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