Monday, August 04, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Since we're heading to NYC this weekend, I'm only technically planning for 3 days of dinners - with Thursday being leftovers since we're leaving Friday morning. Mom said not plan to leave anything for her since they're planning to eat out. Oookay... that's kinda wierd for me, but I'm trying to do that. It's not like they can't find food either in this house or go buy it themselves, so I'm trying not to worry about that. My trip to the grocery store was to get stuff for the pantry (like coffee and milk) and to get a few things that were on sale and use my coupons. Did pretty good today, spent $94.04, saved $14.22 with the store card, and $21.82 with coupons ($36.04 saved total and most of the stuff on sale also had coupons). I know that my grocery total could be lower if I drove into Richmond and shopped at some of the other stores, but then I'd also have to factor in my time and gas. And I didn't have any other trips to make (not to mention - if I went elsewhere I'd be tempted to buy other stuff - Target I'm look'n at you!) Anyway.....

So, dinners this week are as follows and if you want to check out more menu plans go to:
I'm an Organizing Junkie

Monday (tonight): Swimming Rama (from last week - we ended up spending pretty much all day at MiL's yesterday so it didn't get made).
Tuesday: Indian Lentils and Rice -from Saving Dinner the original book - I've got everything on hand already
Wednesday: Grilled Ginger Fish - also from Saving Dinner & the meal right before the previous one - I also have everything in the pantry & freezer
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: We're outta here and don't return until Sunday evening. I'm not sure if my mom and stepdad will still be here or not.

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