Monday, April 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Today I'm pugless, and feeling a bit lonely. She is at the vets, getting her teeth cleaned. I can tell you, she was not happy about not getting breakfast this morning, but we will be happy when her breath smells a lot better when she returns.

We had a nice Easter, spending it at my sister's house. My cousin Matthew was up from Tech, so we took some Wii games with us too. We tried out a "new" chinese restaurant (new owners)"Red Chopsticks" in Staunton for lunch on Saturday and it was very good. We had written off the restaurant the last time we had eaten there, so it was nice to be able to have a place to go back and enjoy the food. They actually had kim chee and frogs legs on the buffet. Matt took a pic of his food to taunt his sister since she couldn't make it down. ;) Everyone else went back to my sister's house, mom and I went out shopping. We headed out to check out "JJ's Knitting Knook" (no relation) and it was a wonderful store. They had a great selection of stuff, and will actually be moving to a larger space soon. I was good, all I bought was a darning egg. They offer classes, so hopefully mom will finally learn to knit that sweater that she spent $200+ in yarn for (no I did not convince her to do that). After that we went and checked out the Fabric store's new digs and then headed to The Cheese Shop. I picked up a few things that I needed and we decided to go with sandwiches for supper and picked up stuff there for that too.

Later that evening I showed Kelly how to make bread using her KitchenAide mixer. We made rolls for next day's Easter lunch (I used the Split-Top Butter Bread recipe). She was having some problems, and I was able to help her know what to look for since I make bread more often. While the dough was rising we came up with hints to use on the notes for her kids to find their Easter gifts. They had a scavenger hunt this year, and enjoyed it.

Anyway, on to the menu:
Monday: Pork and sauerkraut (Just like it says - it's in the crockpot now)
Tuesay: Fish and chips (frozen fish but oven baked chips)
Wednesday: Spaghetti
Thursday: New England Clam Chowder
Friday-Sunday: out of town once more

If you'd like any of the recipes, just ask (or use the search function). If you'd like more menu ideas visit:


Rona's Home Page said...

I was reading your profile and read that you're currently not working due to an illness.
I had to stop due to a back injury, in 2003. I did rehab for 2years and then started working from home as a Virtual CSR for 4 years. (thanks to hubby)
These days I work with my husband, in self storage management.
I do look forward to the day I can stop working. I actually pinched a nerve in my left shoulder in November 2008. Ugh!
Sounds like you had a fun filled Easter.
Happy MPM!

Desmone007 said...

Glad you had a fun-filled Easter! i think it's neat how you plan your menu ahead of time, probably makes grocery shopping a lot easier.