Wednesday, April 08, 2009

No planning Menu Planning

Yep, no menu plan posted this week. And even though there's one posted on my Google Calendar, I must admit that's not the one I'm following right now. I'm flying by the seat of my pants right now. I tried, but it all started after going to my sister's this weekend. I wonder if my body just wasn't used to eating Domino's pizza. The next day I just didn't feel right, not sick but just not good. Didn't feel like eating or cooking - much like making a meal plan. That went into Monday too. Monday hubby ate leftovers - I hate a microwaved "baked" potato at 10:45 pm because that's when I finally felt hungry. I did eat a little during the day, but it really wasn't much.

Last night was salt and pepper shrimp, tonight will be BBQ chicken legs. I think I'll make Beef Stew - but I need to see what hubby wants to do since we're going to meet in town. Friday he's off and we'll have homemade pizza. And Saturday and Sunday we're back to Draft.

Yeah, boring huh?

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