Saturday, January 19, 2008

Excuse me, but is that a water bottle in your tea?

I bought one of those new Lipton Pyramid teas a while back. I know Lipton teas aren't the best teas around (fannings and all) but there are times when I'm not really picky. And the one I got on sale with a coupon was the Black tea with caramel. Caramel people! :) Anyway... I opened the box the other night and was disappointed in the bag that the pyramid is made of. I don't think the actual bag is compostable - something we do out here at ComfortHound Corner. We have a green Rubbermaid thingy just for it. Anyway, I went on Lipton's site just to look up what the bags were made of without being able to find anything on the box or on the site. I sent off an email. Got this back the next day:

"Hello Jennifer,

Thank you for writing.

The translucent Pyramid tea bag is made of PET, the same food grade material clear water and juice bottles are made of. As with any plastic, it would not be considered biodegradable. PET is completely safe and is 100% recyclable within the plastics waste stream."

Great. We've stopped drinking bottled water for a while now just so we wouldn't add to the stream of plastics added to the landfill. In Louisa, plastics aren't recycled, just paper, cans and glass. As it is, I don't even like getting all my prescriptions refilled because I end up with all these prescription bottles (and no, they won't re-use the bottles, I asked). Luckily I like our water (it's well water) and we have plenty of containers to carry around water if we go somewhere.

The long and short of this post: I won't be buying these tea bags again, even if they were worth it. At least I have plenty of other teas, including loose that I like.

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