Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Misc stuff

So, the fudge turned out fine, except that it ended up being too warm in my my sister's kitchen and we had to scoop it out anyway. Oh well, warm chocolate isn't a problem :) The rest of the food was yummy, and it's been a while since I've had sauerbraten. But, as hubby said, we've had our meat quota for the month. We've really pretty much gotten off the red meat train, almost. It's hard to be totally off of it at this moment when I'm trying to eat from the freezer and that's what is mainly in there since we don't eat it that much and that's pretty much what my sister gave me. Poor hubby. There's not much other meat frozen in there, and I'm really trying to use it up and I think hubby's trying to call a truce. I'm not really sure what to do. Doesn't help that I want more sauerbraten either. I almost wonder if hubby did better on the vegan diet (he has IBS), with occasional forays into meat instead of meat with occasional forays into vegan. I've tried to ask him, but he doesn't really answer me, probably because he doesn't pay that much attention to it.

I had a bit of a ....well...went off my spending plan a bit. I stopped at B&N. *hangs head in shame* I bought some magazines. *doesn't look anyone in the eye* Cooking magazines, and one knitting one. *stares intently at her shoes* I wasn't horrible mind you, but still. *sigh* I originally went into town to return a candy thermometer that I had bought at Target that was just way to big and I ended up not even opening up the package. I know, I know, I should have just waited until I went into town for WW, but I wanted to get it over with before then, because I hate fighting the lunchtime traffic to get there, since I go to the WW meeting that is right before lunchtime and when I get out, everyone is out on the roads for their lunch and it's a madhouse. I realized that I really get stressed driving around to run my errands, and it makes me dread doing my shopping.

As I pulled into my parking space between two HUGE SUV's I look over to notice that the one on my right is a brand new Suburban. (I think that's the name) Either way, the sticker's still on it. It gets 14 city/19 highway miles to the gallon with an estimated yearly gas cost of over $2, 600 !!! WTH would someone buy a car that gets lousy gas mileage like that? It's just stupid! And you know the gas estimate was before the gas prices started going up. Course that's kinda like the people that drive Hummers in Richmond. You don't need a Hummer in Richmond, it's FLAT people!

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