Wednesday, January 30, 2008

And for a Repeat Performance!!!!

Ok, so I am making it a day early (I realized that I since the recipe is a bit more time involved, it would go better today than tomorrow where there's a chance that I might be home late tomorrow), so tonight's dinner is finishing in the oven as I type. It's one we've had before, and I can't wait! It's Mediterranean-Style Baked Lima Beans from Veganomicon. I am really surprised that no one else has really written about it. Doing a quick google, the other person that wrote about it, didn't have mint and thought it was ok (and yes, I think that does make the dish, and I just use dried and it works fine for me). I forgot to pick up pitas and I don't have time to make any right now. I am not feeling so great today, and ended up taking like a 4 hour nap today! Good thing I cooked the dried (soaked) limas in the crockpot. Because of the previous nap, my limas got a bit over cooked, but they still look great. AND I even have some soy feta to put on them (Sunergia) brand.

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