Tuesday, November 13, 2007

User Error

I had a recipe failure last night, but it was due to my error, not the recipe. So, I finally got a chance to make the Mediterranean-Style Baked Lima Beans out of Vcon. I've wanted to make them since I saw them in the cookbook and I never had the time (Mil moved out of her house and into a condo and I've had some liver/migraines thrown in for good measure). I just wasn't thinking as I prepared it since I was tired. I knew that the 30 minutes listed wasn't enough for the dried (soaked for a whole week) lima beans to be cooked (It did say in the directions that they should be soft, but still slightly gritty in the center and they were still rock hard), but I threw them into a tomato-based sauce anyway thinking they would soften up. I KNOW that any uncooked bean thrown into a tomato-based sauce will never soften up. *sigh* I will have to throw them in the trash and start over. At least it was a "relatively" cheap recipe to have to throw away. I'll have to make it again. And now I've got pots to wash and nothing to show for it. I've already re-bought what I needed and I'll try again later.

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