Wednesday, November 21, 2007


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Today's been a baking day and I'm taking just a brief break while something finishes up.

I've made the pie, but my crust slipped a bit and it looks like some of the praline slipped between the crust and the pie plate so it might be a bit hard to get the pie out tomorrow. Oh well, not a big thing. A pie in pieces has less calories, right?

I made the bread but I just ended up mixing the rosemary and black pepper and making half a loaf instead of two separate since there's just the 3 of us. That and the fact that John will need a sandwich for Friday's lunch and he finished up the bread we had and the way the recipe was written had me wrap it around a Brie container. I decided to make it Challah style that way it's more of a loaf and it's easier to make sandwiches (for turkey ones for me too!). I think it'll make wonderful sandwiches!) I just made one long braid and then turned it and then sealed it at the end. I thought the directions on the original was kinda weird. They had you actually cutting off the ends to join them and also at the end. Why wouldn't one just mush them together and turn them under? Odd. Either way, can't wait to try it tomorrow.

I also roasted the garlic for tomorrow. (Yum, pumpkin pie smell and roasted garlic smell...ugh!)

And now I'm steaming a white fruitcake for John. He doesn't know I'm making that for him yet. :)

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