Sunday, March 23, 2008

Catching Up.

I got good news at the doctor on Thurs! My liver values are high normal still, BUT they are the lowest high normal he's seen from me in quite a while! Yay! Also my A1c (The average blood glucose over the past 2-3 months. It can take 120 days for the blood cell to die so that's why it's a range) was 6.2%. For normal people it's normally 5%. For diabetics they (the experts) disagree but they want it between 6.5-7% My doctor and I would like to see around 6%. (The lower it is the less chance of eye, kidney and nerve problems.) My Cholesterol levels were also checked: Total chol is still slightly high (213) with the lab high being 199, my Trig still high (429) but considering it's been at the point where they couldn't measure it I'm still happy about that, and my HDL is still low (32). It is looking better than the last time though. Because of my liver problems I can't go on any of the statins though. We've increased my Fish oil to three times a day. They can't do the LDL/HDL test off-hand at this lab so he made a note when my Triglycerides are over 400, so he made a note that the next time it's over to run a special test to do so that will be able to break them down. He said there is a special type of fish oil that Is made for people who have Triglycerides that are over 500. Mine aren't and he's not sure that it'll help me, but depending on how my LDL/HDLs break down it may help me. So we'll see. My Blood Pressure was great though. :) I will also get my iron levels checked next go round too. Their new office is great, and I got to meet the new Nurse Practitioner and she got to learn all about my interesting medical history. ;) As Dr. Galeski said, "JJ's been a learning experience." They were also able to give me the name of a gynecologist. I like the one I had, but I just can't handle the OB part of her practice. I asked them if there was possibly a place that I could go where there was just the GYN part. They gave me the name, and I called - unfortunately I got home too late Thurs, and they were closed on Friday. I need to call on Monday.

Poor Miss Miko though. She had 4 teeth pulled (a slab fracture molar, 2 canines and another one I can't remember). She was not happy with me, barely wagged her tail when I picked her up, just wanted to leave. Can't say that I blamed her. She didn't make a peep in the car and wanted to sit on my lap. I didn't let her of course - there's no room. She still wanted to eat when we got home. That's my pug! Luckily I still had a can of dog food. I gave her a small amount and she ate it and went and laid in her dog bed. I also gave her a pain pill and a bit more food before heading to bed later that night. She woke me up at 3:40 am to get fed again. I gave in and fed her - I'm such a soft touch - but once more, only a little bit. The last time though that I fed her on demand though was at her normal feeding time of 6 am though. She got the rest of the can - at that point it was only a 1/4 of the can left and 1/2 cup of moistened food (dry food soaked in warm water until soft). I felt so bad since she drops food now - at least she's not like those Yorkies who can't keep their tongues in their mouths after their teeth are removed. She is finally back to normal though although I am still moistening her food - I'll continue with that for a few more days at least.

To those that are celebrating it, Happy Easter. We've got a bit before Passover happens - usually it seems that Easter and Passover are a bit closer - so I'll wait for my wishes until it's closer. :)

Today is going to be quiet here at Chez JJ. It will just be hubby and I here, since we've been with his family for his birthday last weekend we decided to just spend this weekend together.

I am making something that I have never eaten before, at least if I have - I don't remember them. Hot Cross Buns. I'm making what looks to be a plain Jane version - no fruit or spices - which is fine for my first go round since I'm not really sure what exactly they are supposed to have in them and if they turn out ok, I can add them in later. The recipe I'm using is from a book I checked out of the library: America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. It's from the same people that do Cook's Illustrated and America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country. They of the test and re-test how to do a recipe (I posted the link earlier this week of a send off of boiling water). They gave how to do it by hand/food processor and stand mixer and what did I do? Made it in the bread machine. :) At least on the dough setting though. Anyway, they are on their second rise now, and will be split and baked off soon enough and I'll wake up John when they are done. I must admit I might have to buy this cookbook. And like I need ANOTHER cookbook. *SIGH* I really like it though, and it looks like one that is good to give to new cooks too. I was thinking I'd just copy a few recipes that interest me, but it would be a lot easier to buy the whole darn thing.

Later today I'll fix the ham, with a brown sugar and sherry sauce, our normal sauce (just a box of brown sugar, a bottle of sherry and some cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg added to the ham before it goes in, and basted occasionally as it bakes). [Is it bad that I am more looking forward to what we call Scalloped Potatoes Au Gratin and Split Pea Soup using the leftover ham (and some of the sauce in the case of the soup)than the actual first meal of the ham???] I'm also going to fix some roasted Brussels sprouts, either mashed potatoes or boiled red potatoes, whichever hubby and I feel like (I imagine hubby is going to want mashed) and I might make broccoli but we'll have to see how tired I am - since there's just the two of us there's no real need to make a whole lot of food either.

I've got a craving for Vegetable Beef Soup. I don't mean Beef Stew either, I mean the ground beef added to Vegetable Soup. Not sure why, and I haven't had it in a while. I was teasing hubby yesterday that might be what we have for Easter since my allergies were bothering me and my throat was hurting me. He told me it didn't bother him. What a good husband I have.

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