Monday, March 03, 2008

The week in review. ;)

It has been a pretty nice week. I like it when I get to spend a week with hubby.

I'm going to say (type) something that will probably cause you all to gasp. I hardly did any cooking at all this week. We were so well stocked with leftovers that it was pretty much just heat and eat this week. Monday we headed to Costco to pick up my contacts there (while waiting for the ones that our Insurance paid for to come in - it's cheaper if we're paying cash to get them from Costco - $16 and change per box from Costco vs $30 per box if insurance is paying for them) and while there we picked up one of their Take-and-Bake 5 Cheese Pizzas. So, that was what we ate, I added our own Turkey Pepperoni and sliced red onions to it. It was yummy, and it's huge! It's larger than my pizza stone actually for less than $10.

We still haven't technically had our Anniversary Dinner. But that's ok. We ate at Bob Evan's with MiL. I was bad, and got the Fish Dinner - even going so far as refusing the grilled fish and getting it fried AND getting a baked potato AND fries instead of veggies. Granted I did share a bit of it with hubby, but still. It was yummy either way - and totally worth it since it's not something I do every day. Heck I probably do that about once a year if that. Hubby got his favorite, breakfast - and sausage to boot. It's rare that he gets sausage, eggs AND biscuts at the same time, so he was in heaven. ;) [I have been informed that it is very important that I make the distinction that it I point out it was sausage LINKS - I hardly ever buy those.]

We've been rocking out with Guitar Hero III. I'm getting better, but I've found out that I'm more of a bass girl. It's a shame that you can't play that on the actual game part, only on the practice parts. I love doing that part! I still can't play it very often, like most things, if I do too much of it, it irritates my wrists. We took a break from it this weekend. So far hubby has finished it on Easy. I keep telling him he needs to go up to Medium - but he tells me he's not ready for that yet.

Hubby did bring me home some beautiful pink roses. They smell wonderful! I so love roses. He was hoping to get some roses like I had in my wedding boquet (white/cream with dark pink edges) but no luck this year. That's ok. I'm not that picky about it, although he is. I swear, if I had the money I would buy a bunch of flowers every week. That is one thing I would do if I ever won the lottery (course I'd have to actually PLAY the lottery to win it huh?). I would set it up to have a bouquet of flowers delivered every week. I do have rose bushes out back, but since my liver problems, they really need to be cleaned up and such. Actually all of my flower beds need to be cleaned up. I'm hoping to be able to do more this year - but we'll have to see. Sometimes the bending down causes problems. I do a bit of container gardening - but that's not quite the same.

I bought some of the freezer menus from Saving Dinner this week too. I went through them and I have some meats that my sister gave me that I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them (the red meats) and I used some of the recipes from there for them. And FoodLion is having a sale on chicken thighs and legs this week so I picked up some extra (I was already planning on getting some for my menu this week) and I made a few meals to restock the freezer with some actual freezer meals once more.

So far I've made:

Herbed Grilled Sirloin Steak
Polynesian Sirloin Steak
Caribbean London Broil
Mexican Crock Chicken with Black Beans
Apricot Barbecued Chicken Legs
Crock Barbecue Chicken Supper

I've got some boneless/skinless breasts that I'll use to make up:
Far East Grillers
Carolina Style Grilled Chicken
Ginger Chicken Breasts with Chinese Coleslaw (I've made this before and it's one of our faves!)
Chicken Satay
Country Fried Chicken and Peppers

I'm also going to make up:
Salmon burgers
Mustard Thyme Tilapia
Dad's Favorite Sloppy Joes

I also went ahead and made up Mary's Hoisin Chicken and Crock Chicken Drumsticks for this week so all I have to do is dump into the crockpot. I went ahead and made them up so I could get all the skinning of the chicken out of the way at one time. I'll post my menu in a separate post.

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