Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Change of plans

The Hamburger Vegetable Soup was great! Reminded me of exactly what I had growing up in elementary school. Course I was spoiled, we had the Mennonite ladies as our lunch ladies. :)

So far the Scalloped Au Gratin Potatoes have been pushed back for a bit, I was exhausted on Tues - I ended up napping twice for a total of 6 hours, this after sleeping for 7 hours that night in the first place! So I didn't have time to fix and cook the casserole so we had frozen fish pulled from the freezer with leftover veggies. And tonight instead of fixing the potatoes, I used up the leftover mashed potatoes from Easter and made Mashed potato soup by adding Buttermilk until soupy and then topping with some bacon bits and shredded cheese. Quick and easy especially since today was a pretty crappy day.

I went to the new GYN today. He was very nice - reminded me of the first vet I worked for actually. Anyway, my period has been doing what it's done before, coming every 2 weeks, lasting for longer
than it should, and being WAY heaver than it should be. Before my liver problems it could be stopped by either taking birth control pills (the reason why I was on them in the first place) or by taking another
form or hormone pills. I was lucky in that I never had to actually do the last resort of a D&C (Dilation and curettage) because the pills (either type) always worked. Well now I can't take the pills. And I can't just do a D&C and then have to go back every few months to have to do it again either, well I could but it would really be worth it. [For those that don't know a D&C is where they remove the tissue that lines the uterus.] So he is recommending an endometrial ablation. This is where the endometrium is actually killed - he uses a short burst of electricity. Since the endometrium is dead, it's not recommend to become pregnant - and since I can't be since the pregnancy hormones would cause my liver tumors to grow and possibly burst, he recommended basically tying my tubes. That's what I was talking about
signing. In Va, since I haven't had kids, I have to sign a statement stating that I plan to have tubal sterilization, and then wait 30 days and then sign it again before having it done. I know that I can't have kids, I've known for a while, but signing that piece of paper, having a copy of that piece of paper in my hands just seems I can imagine that when I go to have the actual surgery towards the end of April (the actual date is up to me) it will feel even worse. We are hoping that this will control my periods - it can take up to 6 months, maybe up to a year before I notice a difference – I could still have PMS but no periods. If I still have heavy bleeding and such then the next stop is hysterectomy without any hormone replacement therapy. I need to schedule an pelvic Ultrasound beforehand. The Pap was done today. Joy.

Oh, and on the upside. I also get to plan to have my headlights squished at my convience too. I know y'all are jealous.

I am hoping to at least get the Leg of Lamb roasted tomorrow (If it's thawed enough) and the White Bean soup made (if the lamb's not thawed enough then it'll get made first).

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