Friday, March 28, 2008

Just a bit of an update

I am doing a lot better today. Yay! Yesterday I went ahead and went to WW. And of course, NEXT week is a meeting about emotional eating. *SIGH* This week was about red light foods. Lets see...mine would be.....fresh mozzarella and pringles. Didn't really take much thinking, that's for sure. I was smart enough on Wednesday after the doctors appointment to at least buy the Buffalo Wing ones so that I could only eat a few at a time (or I buy the vinegar ones, for the same reason) and I also bought some of the low fat ones so that they wouldn't cause quite as much damage. I also avoided buying fresh mozzarella...even the one that you can buy in FoodLion because even though it's not Tom Leonards I can still eat it, ya know, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. (Bellagioso or something I think it is.) Oh, and speaking of olive oil. I went back to the Manakin-Sabot FoodLion and picked up the other bottle (I think I talked about getting some for hubby's birthday) of Australian olive oil marked for Barbecues & Marinades. If I didn't talk about them, let me repeat myself if I did. They don't have them at the one in Goochland, but in the one in Manakin they had Red Island olive oil from Australia. It is cold Pressed olive oil and it was about 7.99 I think for 16.9 fl oz. There were I think 3 or 4 different blends. I bought one that was labeled for Bread and Salad and is described as "a fresh and fruity oil ideal for dipping and dressing" and when we opened it and tried it, it is really fruity. Hubby even noticed it. Now, I liked it, but I really like my olive oil peppery, and I remembered that the one I bought this last go round for the barbecues and marinades was described as "full flavored peppery oil ideal for meat, seafood, and vegetables" so I picked it up. It is just what I want. YUMMMM! I hope they keep it at FoodLion. I can't wait to grill a T-bone or a Porterhouse at some point with just a sprinkle of kosher salt and fresh ground pepper and drizzle some of this oil and squeeze a lemon over it before serving. Maybe that'll be my birthday dinner.

Today is supposed to get up to 76 degrees, and then tomorrow it's down to 56 or so. I have the windows open, and this morning Buster the male cockatiel was talking with the birds outside so much that I had to turn off the tv news until he was done since I couldn't hear it anyway - it took about 15 minutes. He also screams back to the tv whenever they have either an eagle or hawk screaming on the tv which is more often than you would think. I guess it's better than when Percy would bark in response to the Domino's ad when they rang the door bell - he has since stopped that.

My crocus's are being eaten by a rabbit. I caught it eating them a few weeks ago. It doesn't really bother me since they deserve to eat too, although it does bother me just a bit since I've only got a few purple ones, most of them are yellow, and that's the one it decides to chow down on most often. It has moved on down the line a couple of times though. I would be more upset if it chowed down on my daffodils - but those are safe. They also liked to nibble along my garden when I had that going to. It didn't really bother me that much either, but the thought about sharing with wildlife about sent my husband's grandfather over the edge I think. He wages war on the deer with his garden. :) As it is I already share the wild blackberryies and the cherries on my trees with the birds and squirrels (first off I'm scared of heights, so I'll only pick what I can reach for the cherries, and there's poison ivy and snakes for the blackberries so once more- I pick what I can reach). When we first moved in the cherry harvest was great, and it looked like there had been a mob hit in our drive way since the birds had dropped the cherries and it looked like blood splatters all over it.

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