Monday, March 10, 2008

No Sleep DST

Saturday night wasn't much fun at Chez JJ. And we lost more than an hours worth of sleep. Not just thanks to the DST, where we lost an hour. Hubby had trouble breathing. He had caught a cold a while back, and had been to the doctor, gotten antibiotics and an inhaler. He was starting to get better but last night things were starting to get worse again. He had finished his Advair inhaler and had switched to the Proventil (albuterol) inhaler that the doctor had prescribed when the Advair had run out (the Advair was a sample) if he still needed one. Hubby kept saying that he was worried that if he fell asleep he would stop breathing. Yeah, not so much sleeping from either of us that night. It also didn't help that at 2 am, my Palm that I had in the bedroom (I usually charge it in there) where I had been playing Bejeweled before trying to sleep decided to tell us that DST was in effect. And not only that, when I decided to go try to sleep, instead of turning it off, I had paused the game and turned it off instead of switching to the main menu. After the DST alarm went off it went into the Bejeweled screen saver mode which is the sound of clinking jewels - at 2 am. And then around 3 or 4 I told hubby that he might have better luck if he tried to sleep in the LaZPug recliner instead since he had more trouble breathing trying to lay down. So he moved there. Percy then decided that he missed Daddy and started whining. So I took him out to Daddy. And then he decided that he didn't know where he wanted to be and spent most of the rest of the time walking between the bedroom and the living room checking both of us out. Percy is blind - has been for years. You'd think by now that he knows our house since we don't move things around because he's blind. Nope. He still goes pretty much as fast as he can and runs into things all the time. Not conducive to sleep as your blind dogs runs into things at full speed. And then at 5 am the phone rings. It's a wrong number. ARGH! We both figure we did get some fitful sleep throughout the night, but it wasn't really what one would call sleep.

I did convince him to got to the ER though. We spent a couple of hours there. Of course he wasn't wheezing when we finally went. *sigh* But the ER nurses and doc were very nice. They did check him out for heart problems - but everything there checked out normal. His breathing and chest x-ray also checked out fine. They did 2 nebulizer treatments. Sent him home with a short course steroid treatment and a new inhaler. And a stern lecture about smoking that I'm afraid didn't do any good. He needs to check in with his GP after the 12th. We both slept better last night.

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